Beyond the hoardings: 5 reasons to join the construction revolution

The construction industry has a nostalgic air about it. There’s a strong perception that its traditional ways of working are just the way we’ve always done it and impervious to innovation. Almost taken for granted, a building appears, a motorway is built, a bridge is constructed. Just like that, something new appears in your landscape. Ever stop to think what kind of work is behind it and what kind of people have been involved?

Hard hats and builders tea

Most see a career in construction as a life adorning high visibility gear on site, but the options don’t stop there. There are opportunities in technology, finance, commercial or engineering - there are roles to suit everyone.

Beyond the hoardings

So, have you ever wandered past a construction site and wondered what it’s like on the other side? Could you be the Quantity Surveyor keeping the project cost on track? Or the Planner ensuring each stage is reached? Here’s five reasons why you should consider a career at Balfour Beatty:

  1. You’ll do work your proud of

On site or in the office, you’ll be part of fascinating, complex and meaningful work which enriches your experience and changes the world around you.

  1. The industry is ripe for digitalisation

We’re leading the way in implementing some of the most advanced technologies available today to become digitally empowered. Not just in our use of drones, robots, augmented and virtual reality but also in cloud-based digital communication and collaboration tools. ‘Digital natives’ those of you growing up in the digital age, are able to combine digital skills with creativity and new ideas will be critical to the success of this evolution.

  1. Its’s a hidden gem

Worth considering for those who really want their career to make an impact. Not all about technological advancement, we’re highly driven to deliver social value, reduce environmental impact and ensure that we prioritise the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. Our Manchester Engineering Campus Development is all about giving back. It’s hired 95 apprentices, created local jobs for long-term unemployed, delivered educational activities and raised over £18k for charity.

  1. Solve problems and find solutions

Our apprentices tackle challenges every day, like how do you give a road an IQ? Join them and you’ll be involved in some of the most complex and challenging work out there – earning while you learn, finding answers that shape daily life. We’ll support you every step of the way. Your manager, our development team, ex-apprentices – they’ll all be there to help. You’ll join a regional network of apprentices, who’ll share the whole experience with you.

  1. Control your career in any field

The opportunities we have span our entire business. Career pathways allow you to control which direction you take. Our size and scope mean that you’ll always have new projects to tackle, business units to explore, and skills, qualifications and experiences to gain. You’ll work with true experts who’ll share their knowledge and provide support, encouragement and invaluable feedback so you never stop learning.

Shape the answer

In a world of tech start ups, it’s easy to discount a career in construction however, every day we create a legacy, support communities and enable growth. We equip the world for tomorrow’s challenges and it’s tangible, worthwhile work you can be proud of. To check out our current opportunities in early careers visit:;273561884;v


BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Production Arts (Design)
Hospitality Supervision
Web design/maintenance

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