"Boring" at Beckton!

Posted: 24th of January 2018 by Laura Feltz

Thames Water’s ongoing work to ensure a healthy environment along the River Thames has surpassed another milestone – the arrival of a tunnel boring

machine (TBM) at Beckton sewage works. Lowered 30 metres below ground by a specialist crane, which can bear the weight of up to 42 African elephants at once, the TBM will now begin munching more than 850 metres over the next six months – the length of more than nine nearby West Ham football pitches.

When she reappears in May, the TBM will have bored a three-metre wide tunnel under Europe’s largest sewage works to connect the existing Lee Tunnel to the future Thames Tideway Tunnel.

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To read more on this story you can visit our websie here: https://corporate.thameswater.co.uk/Media/News-releases/Tunnel-to-play-crucial-role-in-removing-wastewater-during-extreme-high-flows

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