Build Confidence Ten Top Tips

Confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many times we are stuck in doubt and let our insecurities spiral out of control often leaving us struggling to find our inner confident self. Your perception of yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you. Here are ten simple ways to buildconfidence and erase self-doubt.Our level of confidence at any given moment dictates how we feel about ourselves.1) Buildconfidence by eliminating self-doubtErase the part of you that doubts every little thing and start living for today concentrate on keeping a positive attitude and do something that you have always doubted you could ever do. The feeling will be worth it in the end.2) Buildconfidence with a smileSmile the world is your oyster. A smiling, relaxed persona indicates confidence and an ability to cope well in stressful situations.3) Compliment othersComplimenting others is a cost-free and highly effective way of spreading love. Focusing on the good and then expressing it delivers a positive effect on that person as well as on you. Your outlook turns optimistic.4) Put yourself forward to buildconfidenceIt’s time to speak up; put yourself forward – sit in the front row for a change let your view be heard no matter how daft you think you sound speaking up is better than keeping it in.5) Buildconfidence through clothesDress to impress- you don’t have to be wearing what straight of the catwalk to feel good but however make time for yourself focus on looking sharp look in the mirror and feel confident with the reflection staring back at you.6) Highlight and embrace your strengthsWhether you choose to write them down on a notepad or share them with your closest friend accept and embrace your strengths focus on utilising them and show other what you are really made out of.7) Have others buildconfidenceMaintain a positive support network- don’t waste you precious time around negative energy it will eventually start feeding off you instead build a positive support network that will help you embrace all that is positive.8) Accept complimentsPositive and genuine compliments will help you build your confidence. Compliments are there to highlight that we are appreciated by others who see our qualities shining through.9) Exercise regularlyWhether it is going to the gym, running or cycling, you feel stimulated. Also endorphins are released when you exercise they are a great boost and are responsible for making you happy and also lower stress levels.10) Identify problematic areasLast but not least every individual has a weakness whether it is big or small by identifying it you know which area to improve on. You will no longer feel the urge to ignore it but you will want to make that key factor into a positive.

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