Can I go to uni if I study a vocational qualification?

Many people decide that they want to take their studies further and go to university after they’ve completed their Level 3 vocational qualifications but worry that because they don’t have A-levels, they won’t be eligible to apply to do a degree. Unlike A-levels, vocational qualifications give you the kind of skills which are tailored exactly to an employer’s needs and are a great way to pave the way into a hands-on, practical job. Although they have an element of theory and you’ll spend some time in the classroom, vocational qualifications are geared differently to A-levels but you’ll be pleased to hear that if you’re one of those people who loves their subject and wants to study it further, the answer to the question, ‘Can I go to uni if I study a vocational qualification?’ is a big ‘YES’!Half of people with a vocational qualification go on to higher education and six of the top ten subjects studied at uni are in vocation-related disciplines. VQs carry UCAS tariff points – each university sets its own number of point required for each subject – and many more universities these days are recognising VQs as suitable entry requirements for degree courses.Along with a very good grounding in the practical side of a subject, you will also have gained some real work experience in your chosen subject. Even if your Level 3 qualification is not shown in the UCAS tables or if you’re applying to do a degree in a different subject, it is well worth checking with a university’s Admissions Department to discuss whether they’ll take your practical experience into consideration on your application form.

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