Career options for starting out in tech

Opting for a career in tech is a smart choice - the UK’s tech industry has grown tenfold over the last decade and is fast catching up to Silicon Valley. This means that getting qualified in some sort of tech career will give you job security over the coming years and could earn you a handsome salary.

With so many exciting career prospects though, how do you decide what to specialise in? Here are the top 3 tech sectors to consider breaking into, the skills you’ll need, and how you can get them. 



Information technology, or IT, is one track you’ll already be familiar with from classes at school. Continuing on this trajectory after you leave, you could become a support engineer, network technician, cyber security analyst, ethical hacker, or many other career routes. 

A great place to start is with the CompTIA A+ certification, which is a foundational accreditation held by over 1 million IT professionals all over the world - which is great if you have ambition to travel with your job. 

What’s even better is that there are no prerequisites for this course, meaning anyone can take it. All you need is the desire and drive to build a future in IT!



Fancy learning another language? How about a coding language? Web development is the career of the future, and pretty much every business in the world needs at least one to build and maintain their website. Learning to code means you’ll never be short of a job and can work from anywhere in the world. 

The avenues you can go down from here are endless. You can become a software developer - like Jade at the Natural History museum - app developer, data scientist, programmer, and much more, for practically any company you can think of. Start writing that employer wish list now!

Great coders have excellent problem-solving skills, a keen eye for detail, and a creative mindset. If this sounds like you, look into coding courses you can fit around your lifestyle.


IT project management

Project management is also an important role within IT. These professionals are needed to plan the scope for IT projects, ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, communicate with clients and stakeholders, and much more. 

After you’re qualified, you can hold positions like IT operations project manager, IT project coordinator, digital project manager, and lots more options. Project managers are diligent and organised with great leadership and communication skills. 

To get into this field, online learning courses are the perfect place to start. They’ll introduce you to the key concepts for managing IT projects and all the terminology necessary to know to start in your first role. There are plenty of success stories in this sector to gain inspiration from!


Get accredited 

Getting a qualification in these areas is essential to starting your career off right - and as you go on, gaining more and upskilling will only help you advance in your career.

Online training is a brilliant route to take so that you can gain your certifications around your existing responsibilities such as full-time work, family, and hobbies. Seek out foundational courses in your chosen sector today to start on your journey towards your dream career in tech.



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