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Posted: 8th of August 2017 by Miro Demo

As students across the UK finish school, there are those wondering, what’s next? One thing people often don’t consider is volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to gain some new skills, meet new people and give back to the community. It also looks great on a CV - 80% of employers said they value volunteering on a CV 

Anyone can volunteer their time and with the huge variety of opportunities, there’s a role for everyone. In fact in the UK, it’s estimated that 47% of people are volunteering at least once a month!

One of the obstacles that’s often a barrier is that the school-leaver doesn’t have enough free time. However, charities are generally are very flexible with working hours and even a couple of hours of your time can help! You could also look at short-term projects, something lasting a week or a month, that you can sink your time into.

Another option is one-off events. For example, festivals recruit volunteers to help with a whole host of tasks, and the best thing is the roles usually come with plenty of free time to check out the event for yourself.

If you’ve just left school and want to take a break from all that studying, taking a gap year is a great option. This could be spent in the UK or abroad, helping one or many causes. Some people go to help orangutans in Borneo, others gain knowledge and experience in the industry they plan to work in, the list is endless.

A sometimes unseen result of volunteering is a build in confidence and self-belief. Working in a group helps to improve your people skills, everything from better communication, to a better understanding of empathy and increased patience.

It gives a sense of achievement that can help to bolster your confidence, giving you a greater sense of pride and identity. Experts have highlighted volunteering as being good for both emotional well-being and your physical health.

One thing’s for sure, there’s always a benefit to volunteering!

How to start

A great first step to starting volunteer work is to research your local area; take a look at local charities and projects to see if any pique your interest. Search in areas in which you’ve a particular interest or in the industry you’d like to work in.

If there seems to be nothing on your radar, Do-it ( is a great website which lists more than 1 million voluntary opportunities, or you can always visit your local volunteer centre:

So if you’re looking to gain some experience, do something for a good cause and meet some new people, consider exploring volunteering.

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