From Class To Career – 4 Study Tips To Take To Work

It doesn’t matter whether you are at school, in college, taking an apprenticeship, at university, or even in work – there are certain pieces of advice that are universal. They will help you get ahead in any of these situations. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what you are studying, they will work with anything from algebra to zoology. Where you work or what you do (or want to do) for a living is also irrelevant for these snippets of advice. So, since you will want to do your best, whether you are in studying in class or trying to build your career, here are some great pieces of ‘study’ advice that you can take with you to the workplace:

  • Motivation

You will need to be motivated to get things done – whether that is an assignment for college, some reading for class, or even that report you have been dreading for work. If you lack motivation to get your studies done you will be far less productive, so try to pick a time when you know you can get on without distractions and at a time when you will feel most motivated to work. Some people like to exercise before they get down to study, while others simply know that they work best in the mornings and so set aside time then. No two people are the same, so you need to find what works for you. Of course, with the workplace you have certain restrictions on your time that you may not face with study (opening hours, etc). However, you can still try to work your day to help stay motivated. Get on with those tough tasks first while you are at your freshest – with those out of the way you will find it easier to stay motivated for the rest of the day, rather than having that dreaded task hanging over you!

  • Time Management

We touched on this slightly with motivation – but knowing what needs to be done and when will help both your studies and your career. No more missed deadlines or rushing to finish a piece of work. Good time management means making sure you not only know what you need to get done each day, but also having an idea of when you will do them and how long these tasks will take. Setting aside an hour or two on a Sunday morning to hit your books will free you up for the afternoon, while for those at work t is about showing that you can work efficiently. Good time management will not only cut down on nasty surprises (read: forgotten deadlines), but will actually make your work go easier. Instead of putting things off and wasting time, you should know what you need to get done, working from one job to the next.

  • Focus

Being able to remain focused is a useful skill whether you are at work, in class, or studying elsewhere. You may be faced with unwanted distractions such as people talking in the office or an unexpected telephone call, so being able to overcome these and remain focused is important. Keeping your concentration will help whether at work or when studying – you may not always have the luxury of working in silence – but you still need to get your work done.

  • Ask!

So many people fall down on this one because they think that by asking questions they will come across as stupid. Asking relevant questions at the right time will certainly make this easier. For example, if you are paying attention in class you might notice that there is something you don’t quite understand. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher – even if you speak to them quickly after class or arrange a time when you can catch up with them to go over the problem. Asking questions is also good at work – especially when you are just getting started. It is better to ask a quick question than to make a potentially costly or time-consuming mistake. Of course, the key to asking questions is also in making sure to listen to the answers. Make a quick note to help yourself remember what you were told if you need to, but try not to ask the same questions over and over again!

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