College celebrates with community at the Tottenham Conference

The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London joined exhibitors, entertainers and members of the local community to celebrate Tottenham at a special conference in Tottenham Town Hall (Saturday 18 July). Now in its second year, the conference brings people together to help make Tottenham an even better place in which to live, work and study.

By 10am exhibitors were busy setting up indoor stalls in the main hall and music outside as well as a variety of flavourful food stalls from different continents.

Michael, a volunteer for the locally based Unity Radio said: "It's a nice day for the community to get together and talk about making changes for Tottenham."

Amongst the hustle and bustle, presentations were given at a seminar delivered by local head teachers and company executives. Amongst them was CONEL Principal, Andy Forbes. He touched upon important issues such as the attacks on school budgets and cuts in adult education. Andy said: "People don't appreciate the importance of further and adult education and that's the difficulty we are faced with. Our job is to explain why Education is so important in an area like Haringey, like Tottenham for the whole community, including adults. We risk messing with it at our peril."

Melanie Parker, a local Tottenham resident who attended the seminar said: "Attending the presentations meant I learnt that there are so many opportunities available to people around Haringey which they can enjoy and take part in."

The event turned out to be a great success with good food, music, dance performances and crowds of happy people but most of all the whole event helped people realise that Tottenham is a great place to both live and study.

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This news story was written by Melina Zachariou, Student President

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