College Learner fundraising his way to help those in in need

In order to be selected Aaron went through a rigorous selection process which involved activities such as building a bridge from paper, one handed and blindfolded, in teams to assess their potential. After being selected Aaron is now working hard to raise the funds needed in order to support the expedition. He is required to raise £800 by 1st June 2015 and through his efforts within his local church and bucket collecting in the local area he has so far raised £400 in one month.

Aaron, who has previous experience with voluntary work in India said, “I really want to help people and travelling across the world is the where I need to go to help those most in need. I love experiencing new cultures and I’m hoping to raise the funds needed to make it to Nicaragua. I think education is really important, I’ve been lucky enough to have a great College that has backed me up and I want to help those that don’t have that opportunity.”

Raleigh International is an international development charity who works with global communities living in poverty.

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