College Makes Charitable Computer Donation to Ghanaian School

The Viglen DQ45 computers are going to Achinakrom Senior Secondary School in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The College has recently upgraded its computers and although the stock sent is out of date for the College’s very high tech purposes it is in excellent shape for Ghana. The request for computers was made by the College’s Chef Manager, Doris Gyamfi Mensah, who was voted by her clan to hold the prestigious title of Queen Mother of the village. She said, ‘children in the village start learning at a very early age. It’s full of learned people and there are around 1200 students. These computers will be a huge help. Technology is widely used these days and this will go a long way to help. We will make sure the computers are put to good use.” The computers will arrive in Ghana in around four to six weeks where Doris will be there to receive them and ensure they are put to use straight away.

Comfort Sarfo, a contractor for the College and also from the Ashanti region added, “I’m very happy with the donation. There aren’t enough computers for the students and it will go a long way to help with their education.”

Leigh Medhurst from FG Disposals helped facilitate the process by picking up the computers from the College and ensuring the computers met legal requirements by wiping all the data and preparing the machines ready for use for students in Ghana.

Jane O’Neil, Interim Principal and Chief Executive of the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London stated, “The donation was made in response to a request from a member of staff. The College is delighted to be able to donate computers to Ghana and support the educational work being done there. ”

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