College’s Railtrack Engineering Training gets your career on track

The training programmes are for 16-23 year olds and are designed to provide learners with everything they need to know to work as a track person within the rail industry or to progress to an apprenticeship. The programme is both classroom based at the College’s first class facilities in Enfield and also work experience in an operational railway environment.

19 year old Kelly Price was unsure what she wanted to do before applying to Intertrain. She has since completed the training and is now a Trainee P-Way Site Engineer at Volker Rail. She said: “I applied online and got an immediate response. My interview went really well and they were very supportive as this career was a complete change of direction. I was very apprehensive at the time but the guys helped me settle in and within 2 months I was engaged with Volker Rail, a top company in the industry. It’s a great firm and I now plan, prepare and resource the work. I am part of a team which analyse each job and bring it all together, track possession, even the hire of RRV’s, timings and costings. My life has completely changed, one day I want to be a boss, run my own department and have people look up to me. I am a success and that feels great.”

The programme covers all aspects of the railway sector including; rail engineering, track maintenance, personal learning and thinking, PTS track introduction, health and safety and English and maths. On successfully completing the training programme learners receive a qualification allowing them to work in the railway industry.

Learner, Yusuf said “I chose this course because I want to work on the railway. This is a really great opportunity for young people and leads to an excellent career. I’m very interested in mechanical engineering and in five years’ time I hope to have specialised and be working in that field.”

The Railtrack Engineering Training is run in partnership with Intertrain UK, the largest Railway training provider in the country. Intertrain UK is accredited as the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering (NSARE) as ‘Outstanding’.

To find out more about Intertrain UK or about the Railtrack Engineering Training programmes call 07585 116770 or click here to find out more.

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