Common Apprenticeship Myths Debunked – Part 2

Yesterday we took a look at some of the common myths that stop people from considering taking an apprenticeship. Check it out if you think that apprenticeships are only for those not smart enough for university or if you believe that apprenticeships are not available in the area you want to work in, or if you think they are only for those entering manual work or trades. We also looked at the much-vaunted university lifestyle, and compared it to that of an apprenticeship. The fact is, neither university or apprenticeships are a better option – it depends on factors such as what you want or how you prefer to learn. Added to this are the financial implications of paying uni tuition fees as compared to earning a wage with an apprenticeship. Indeed, talking of the apprenticeship wage, today’s common apprenticeship myths begins with…

  • “I won’t get paid much on an apprenticeship”

While some apprenticeships offer wages higher than the minimum, it’s certainly true that an apprenticeship generally offers a lower rate of pay than a regular job. However, you have to remember that, in return for this lower wage, apprentices will also have all of their training paid for them. This investment in your future shows a marked difference to the university route, where you will be asked to pay up to £9,000 per year in tuition fees alone! The equation seems simple enough - free training and a wage versus no wage and paying for your tuition – this is certainly worth thinking about when choosing between university and an apprenticeship!

  • “An apprenticeship won’t lead to a good job”

There is a myth that apprenticeships won’t lead to a good job when compared to university, but a quick look at the employment figures makes a mockery of this assertion. With many university students struggling to find ‘graduate level’ jobs when they finish (if they find work at all), it is clear that uni isn’t a fail-safe route to a great career. By contrast, statistics have shown that some 67% of apprentices end up staying with their apprenticeship employer. With the money spent on training apprentices, plus their experience and skills, it only makes sense that an employer will want to capitalise on this investment – which means giving you a job. Even if you look elsewhere for work, your chances of finding work are good. Again, statistics show that 90% of apprentices stay in employment once they finish their apprenticeship. Of course, there is no guarantee that any route will lead you right into your dream job. However, there is another way to look at things – in that at least with an apprenticeship you are in the door at your chosen employer as soon as you start training – all you have to do is impress them!

  • “Employers don’t value apprentices”

There is also a belief that employers don’t value apprentices and are merely using them as a sort of rotating cheap labour – replacing one set of apprentices with another to save on wages rather than offering them a real job. This assertion completely misses the fact that these same employers are spending a great deal of money and time on training. Why would they do that if they didn’t expect some sort of return? In fact, many employers see apprentices as valuable to their business and treat them just as they would any other employee. Far from being disposable many employers see apprentices as the future of their company. An apprenticeship offers skills and experience that employers very much value, so even if your apprentice employer doesn’t offer you a job at the end, there should be plenty of others who will be interested in giving your career a start.

Ultimately it is a matter of choice. University and apprenticeships are merely different options that can lead to the same destination – the question is choosing which one suits you better. Search for apprenticeships by job sector and location to see the range of opportunities where you live. However, if you still need convincing, you can find out more about apprenticeships right here on NotGoingtoUni!

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