Confidence Tricks: Bluffing Past Your Fears

Whether you are heading for an interview, asking your boss about a promotion, or even asking someone out on a date, confidence is important. Getting the right result can sometimes require you to present the right image to the world, and that means being confident – even if you don’t feel it. Appearing confident and in control can have a great effect on others, who will be drawn to your calm demeanour. While it can be tricky to appear confident when you are full of fear and trepidation there are a few steps you can take to bluff your way through.

Firstly, you need to be able to face your fears and go ahead with your plans regardless. What’s the worst that can happen anyway? You don’t get that job or date? Things could surely be worse, and at least you have given it your best shot.

Appearing confident is all about self-control, and not letting on that your stomach may actually be doing back-flips as you walk into that interview room. Fortunately, you can always rely on the fact that people can only work with what you show them – they don’t have to know how you are feeling, if you can only control the messages you are giving out.

Preparation should begin beforehand, so take a moment to give yourself a pep-talk to psych yourself up. If you need to do this out loud, make sure you do it where nobody can see you! Tell yourself that you are great and worthwhile, and that you can succeed. Whatever it takes to give yourself a little confidence boost – you brain will take the message on board and work with it, even if you don’t feel particularly honest when saying to yourself that you are wonderful in every way. We all have doubts, but our subconscious minds will believe the messages we feed them. Offer negativity and you will set yourself up to fail, so always stay positive with yourself.

With your mind right it is now time to get your body to act in tandem. Check your posture and stand up straight as this will offer you a more confident air than slouching. Make sure you look your best too – if you look good you will feel good and this will also translate across to your confidence.

When it comes to going into the interview, or whatever else it is that you are facing, don’t forget to try and relax and breathe. Stay as calm as possible and take your time, rushing will only leave you feeling flustered. Also don’t forget to use eye-contact. Don’t be creepy about it, but making eye contact will help you gain a rapport far better than looking down at your feet. Also, when you speak, speak clearly. Don’t mumble your words.

Remember there is a line between confidence and cockiness, so don’t cross it. One is appealing to others, while the other is unflattering and off-putting.

Above all, remember that you are in control of yourself. Only you know what is going through your mind, so try to project the image you want, and don’t let your nerves get the better of you.

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