Could Distance Learning Be The Answer For You?

When thinking of post-college or school options very few people think about distance learning as a possibility. Instead, the majority look towards heading off to a traditional university, getting an apprenticeship, job, or doing some other form of study or training. But distance learning has a lot to offer to those students who feel they are motivated enough to work on their own, and provided this desire to keep up with your study is in place, there are quite a few benefits to distance learning over other options.

Distance learning is often favoured by mature students, who may have other obligations that make attending a regular university an impossibility. Study can be fit in around other things such as work and family commitments, allowing you to study when you have the time. However, this opportunity to study when you want is not just appealing for mature students, as it can work for younger students too.

You may, for some reason or other, be unable to move away to study, in which case distance learning allows you to bring your education into your own home. Perhaps you are a carer for someone at home, which is preventing you from going to a regular college? This needn’t stop you from your studies with distance learning.

Your course is delivered in the form of DVDs, text books and online – allowing you to study in your own time. With lectures also being posted online, a distance learning course means you can learn from your bed! No need to step outside and head to class on a cold winter morning, as all you need to do is log on and get started!

Of course, with distance learning you lack the face-to-face contact with tutors and other students, but this can be counter-acted with forums and other ways to interact with one-another virtually. As if this is not appealing enough, a distance learning course is usually cheaper than attending university – making it an economically viable alternative too.

More economical and flexible than regular college or university, a distance learning course may be an appealing alternative to those who want to get their qualifications sorted, but there are a few downsides too.

In order to succeed at distance learning you will need to remain motivated. Without classes to attend it is all-too-easy to let your work slip, so you will need to be organised and dedicated in order to be successful with your course.

As such, a distance learning course is not ideal for those of you who need constant reminding and pressure to get your work done. However, if you think you have what it takes then distance learning offers a great alternative for those unwilling or unable to travel to study.

With more and more people working from home, it makes sense that we can use the same technology when studying, and distance learning proves this. In fact, some see distance learning as the future of global education – since you won’t have to physically be present to get access to materials and lectures created by the very best professors in their field. This is something for the future right now, but with distance learning coming on in leaps and bounds in recent years, it might just be the answer for you.

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