Cyber Security apprenticeships with QA

The IT curriculum’s changingto teach school children more about the world of technology and to make them more tech-compliant when they leave school.

With stories of large-scale hacks in the news almost every day, there’s more pressure to invest in the IT industry andhelp fight cyber crime. Studies show thatschool leavers are amongst the most technically adept generation– sowhat better way to help protect ourdigital future than by using their expertise?

Cyber security apprenticeships with QA

QA arethe first businessin the UK to offer aCyber Security apprenticeship programme, takingpeople who havea love of all things digital into a career they could never have dreamed of.

Why not hone your tech talents to help fight the criminals of tomorrow with a cyber security apprenticeship?

Our exclusive apprenticeship sharpens up your digital skills and helps you tackle serious issues likecyber crime. You’ll become proficient in battling viruses and decrypting data, and develop a broad range of strong online skills.

What you will learn

Our Cyber Security apprenticeship hasbeen specially designed so that youbuild your existing knowledge and bolster your skill set with new and existing techniques that make you incredibly proficient in the field of digital security.

The following skills will be taught to help you reach industry standard, including:

  • Operating systems
  • Information assurance
  • Understanding threats
  • Enterprise IT architecture
  • Cryptography

The apprenticeship lasts between 18-24 months and opens up a large scope of career opportunities, including network security development, information assurance, secure systems development, penetration testing, and much more besides.

A rewarding digitalcareer

There are so many opportunities opening up in the digital world that school leavers from all backgrounds can take advantage of. If you have adetermination to learn the technicalskillset to protect businesses from the hackersand other online threats then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

There are a number of people that use their skills for negative reasons such as credit card fraud, hacking other people’s machines,spreading virusesand malware, and more.

So why not contributeyourskills to fighting it?

Our cyber security apprenticeships are new to the UK and offer school leavers and job seekers involved a real chance to enhance skills that are desperately needed by thousands of businesses.

Contact us today to find out more.

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