Defined By Your Job – Who Do You Want To Be?

We are defined by the minds of others – whether it is our appearance, the things we like, or what we do, others will make assumptions about us. Rather than leaving it to chance and letting others decide what they think about you, why not take control of their opinions by how you present yourself? Of course, you can do this with your appearance quite easily by switching your outfit or hairstyle, but your job also says a great deal about who you are too!

We can’t help but be swayed by certain professions and what they seem to tell us about someone. For example, a doctor or a nurse may portray a caring person, while someone who works in a slaughterhouse offers a totally different take on their personality. Of course, these perceptions could be completely wrong, but that won’t stop them being made.

Your job is seen as such an important part of life that when we meet new people we will often ask them what they do for a living. The refrain, ‘what do you do?’ can be heard at parties up and down the country as people begin to paint a picture of someone based on their appearance and profession.

It may seem unfair to judge someone based on their job, especially as there are many people who are working to pay the bills while they seek to break into their dream career. However, that doesn’t stop this judging from happening – so the question is, what do you want to be?

When it comes to deciding which direction to take with your life you are not just deciding how you will earn your money, but also who you are, as a person. Are you a money-orientated person, or are you more moved by caring for others? Perhaps you are a creative person who needs an outlet for this in your work?

Fortunately, your career or job choices should be in line with what you are like as a person, so shouldn’t reflect too far from who you are. There are those who opt to go a different route, but this may not lead you towards a happy and fulfilled work-life as you struggle to reconcile what you do for a living with who you are as a person.

Of course, some people are quite happy to live with a job that they don’t really enjoy, if the money is right and they have opportunities to enjoy themselves outside of work. Others, meanwhile would find such a situation mind-numbing and soul-destroying, and need to align their career with their own goals and beliefs.

Whichever route suits you, remember that people will look at your career as saying something about you. The decision as to who you are, and how you will be seen, is up to you!

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