Degree Apprenticeships in 2019

Posted: 8th of March 2019 by Lewis Scott

Tell us a little bit about you?
My name is Katie Soper and I am 21. After finishing college at 17, I didn’t feel that I knew enough about the type of career I wished to pursue to jump straight into a 3 year degree. Instead, I decided to take a year out and work full-time. This was in order to gain work experience within a marketing department, to ensure that this was the right career path for me. This lead me to wanting to study business in further depth through a degree.


What are you studying?
BA (Hons) Business Management Degree at Pearson College London

Where are you working?
Due to the fact that I am on the Rotational Degree Apprenticeship programme, I rotate around different companies throughout my degree. Firstly, I worked at Pearson College London as a Business to Business Marketing Assistant (one year); I worked at IBM as an RFS Manager (8 months); Tesco as a Social Media Marketing Assistant; and now I have returned to Pearson College London as Communications and Content Assistant.

Why did you choose a Degree Apprenticeship?
I chose the Degree Apprenticeship route, because after having worked in part-time and full-time jobs since I was 15, I have always had a passion for working. However, I believe that being educated to at least degree level is very important, as it teaches you the foundations of your sector and enables you to progress to much higher positions. Therefore, the degree apprenticeship route has allowed me to combine my passion to work, with the importance of a degree qualification. It also allows me to put the theory I learn into practice in the workplace.

What have you enjoyed most about your course?
I have most enjoyed the marketing topics within my Principles of Business module. Here I learnt how to determine the marketing planning process based on market and customer insight, and how to describe the key trends relating to communicating with the customer via multiple channels. This was my favourite topic because I was able to relate what I have learnt to tasks within my current work placement.

What have you learnt so far, during your work placement?
During placements, I have learnt how to use software such as Salesforce, Marketing Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager. I have also lead on a new content piece for Pearson College London called "Pearson Business Digest" which is distributed as a quarterly newsletter to all of our Industry Partners.

This is as well as; collaborating on a project to create a new student guide for prospective students, creating a monthly Degree Apprenticeship blog, creating a Facebook advert, and more. I have also presented at UCAS fairs and school assemblies, met with the Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP to discuss Degree Apprenticeships, attended networking events, participated in Degree Apprenticeship debate panels, and even interviewed the entrepreneur Levi Roots. All these experiences have really helped me to develop my public speaking skills and now I really enjoy getting the opportunity to meet with people and promote Degree Apprenticeships.

How has your placement helped you with your studies?
My placement has helped with my studies because when I learn something new, I am able to relate it to my current organisation. Not only has this helped with my understanding of topics, but it has also led me to challenge theories and models, due to noticing that they don’t correspond with how my organisation works.

My placement has also helped me to develop vital skills. I now have a better understanding of how to manage my time, and ways to organise my work that suit me. I have noticed that, these skills have translated over to my studies as I now set personal deadlines to complete work and ensure that I am always on top of what I need to do to avoid having to rush work at the last minute.


For more information about Pearson College London's Degree Apprenticeship programmes, please visit their website.

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