Is distance learning for me?

Is distance learning for me?

Do you tick any of these boxes?

  • Don’t want to go to a traditional university campus?
  • Want to start a career instead?
  • Finances are tight and need flexibility?
  • You think your ‘chance’ for university has passed?
  • You don’t want to burden yourself with student debt?

Be part of the modern movement

Distance learning offers a range of benefits -flexible study, earning while you work and giving you a healthy balance of work and play - from the comfort of your own home. Lets not forget about all the friends you could be making. You could soon be part of a community of thousands of students from across the world, ranging from other people like you right up to CEOs in multi-national organisations. Once you enrol, you could start building your international network as soon as you start your course.

Student loans are available

Studying with RDI, you could also be eligible for a student loan. This means you can choose the same government funding offered to campus students, but with our significantly lower fees you aren’t burdening yourself with as much debt. Alternatively, many young people choose to pay their own fees with a part-time job, or ask their employer if they will sponsor them for all or part of their modules.

RDI have the tools to benefit you

RDI have over 25 years experience in providing high quality distance learning education, partnering with several UK universities and helping you achieve your university degree dream without putting your career or even life on hold.

The courses RDI offer are designed specifically to further your knowledge; to help you gain a deeper understanding of the theory of the subject and how you can implement this into your work - which could also aid progression within your career.

What are my options?

Awarded by our partners including Anglia Ruskin University, RDI offer a range of qualifications and degrees to suit you. You can choose from degrees in:

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Come and join the thousands of other students on the quest to a UK university degree.

Your future awaits!

Check your eligibility today to find out if you could join the July intake without taking an Access course or any further A-levels.

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