Do I need a degree?

For many young people who are still at school or college, it seems obvious to them that they need a degree.They may not have any idea what they want to do in the future, any idea of the growth areas of employment or even what they would like to study at university. They simply assume that going to university is what is done after school and that they will get a degree.Some career choices mean that yes, you need a degree. You cannot become a doctor for example without gaining a degree and if you want to be a professor in the future then obviously you will need a degree (and much more).Equally though, there are plenty of careers which do not require you to have a degree. This doesn’t mean that you do not need to be highly skilled and well qualified, just that there are alternative methods of getting on board with the career of your choice, which do not necessarily mean gaining a degree.We are gradually (thankfully) moving away from the idea that the gold standard and only ‘legitimate’ route to a life-long career is that of the full time degree. Whilst some might still be raising questions about the quality of some apprenticeships, generally at least, it is understood that those employers offering high quality apprenticeship jobs to young people are providing a great opportunity for young people to begin their career.So, do you need a degree? There is no straightforward answer to this question, unless of course you intend a career as a surgeon for example. There are so many career options out there; good career options, in engineering, in science in accounting or in law for example. Many young people are unaware that they can have a career in these fields without getting a degree. It’s best to find this out now, rather than discover in a few years’ time that you didn’t need to build up a huge debt at university to get where you are. As always, do your research.

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