Do you have the skills that you need to get and keep a job?

Employers look for more than academic achievement when they consider candidates. Many top employers who previously only recruited graduates for example (and good ones at that) have recently announced that they will not be stipulating a degree as part of their recruitment requirements - employers want a workforce with employability skills, do you have the skills that you need to get and keep a job?What are employability skills exactly?Employability skills are those skills and abilities which make you attractive and useful to an employer and which tend to be transferable. In particular, employers are looking for people who:
are capable of working on their initiative rather than waiting around to be directed all the time.
have the ability to work as part of a team (playing nice with others is important)
an awareness of office etiquette (answering the phone properly and greeting clients)
are self-disciplined and motivated
have good communication skills (written and oral)
have good problem solving skills
have decent digital skills
Working globallyIn the international market, employers are looking for an awareness of different cultures as well as global political and economic issues. Being competent in a second language can give potential employees a great advantage over other applicants and so, it’s well worth developing this, if not at A-level, then perhaps through a language course outside of study or during a year out if you are taking one.The national employer skills survey published in February 2014 revealed that many employers find that young people lack the oral communication skills, organisational skills and the ability to problem solve that are needed to succeed.How do you develop employability skills?If you have no employability skills, work experience, paid or unpaid will develop your skills. But the opportunities are not limited to this. Practise your communication by taking the lead in conversations with adults – order in the restaurant for example. Take on some responsibility at home too by planning the meals, this will also develop your organisational skills. Finally, joining a team or club will really help you develop as a team player.You could also consider doing a traineeship, where you will develop many of the skills needed to make you more employable.

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