Download – fitness apps for the New Year

What better time to get your act together and get fit than the New Year – shake off the winter, Christmas laziness and get going with these fitness apps.Couch to 5kThis app gets you comfortably running 5k in just 9 weeks. You do 3 runs a week, you’re out of the house for no more than half an hour and it starts out nice and gentle, mixing minute-long runs with walking. It’s very good for those of you who do no exercise at all and want to get yourself off your couch and into fitness. You can upgrade to 10k when you’ve mastered this challenge.FitocracyIf you suffer from a lack of motivation, this might be a good app for you. It offers a reward point system for working out. You can track your workouts and unlock achievements – uses gamification to enthuse you.Pocket YogaWith 27 routines, this app provides an audio and visual guide.The SevenMinute WorkoutShort and sweaty. This is perfect for those without much time to spare. It works out the whole body and is over in a flash…well 7 minutes. A great way to start the day.ImuscleFor those who want to tone up, this app allows you to choose which muscles you want to work on and it then tells you which exercises to do and provides animations of the muscles.Zombies, Run!If the only thing that will make you move is being chased, then give Zombies, Run a go – the app will basically tell you when zombies and closing in and you need to avoid them – by running like hell.

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