Employability course helps budding chef achieve ambition

Darren started his Employability & Personal Development Skills & Customer Service (Level 1) course with low confidence and uncertainty about which direction he wanted his career to take. However, with guidance from his WorkReadyPeople course trainer, Darren was able to set specific goals and learn new skills that boosted his self-esteem, and led to him achieving job satisfaction in his current role in the hospitality and catering industry.

"I am so pleased that I found a course that helped me to realise what I am capable of accomplishing," explains Darren. "I secured an interview with TGI Fridays soon after finishing my course and was offered a position as a kitchen porter which I was delighted to accept. I was then quickly offered a promotion working in the food preparation areas and now I’m really enjoying my job as a grill chef."

"The trainers were great at supporting me and very motivational, and taught me the basic skills and confidence that I needed to compete in today's tough jobs market. The skills that I learned on my WorkReadyPeople course will stay with me forever and landing this job has given me so much hope for the future."

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