The Employment Landscape Post COVID

It is reported* that the UK has 819,000 fewer paid employees since the Coronavirus crisis began which may leave you wondering “What impact has covid had on the employment landscape?”, “How should I be preparing for my future?” or “What industries are growing?”. This article aims to help you with all these questions, and more! 

Research published by McKinsey** suggests that around 26% of jobs in Europe are at risk in the long term. However, some of these job roles were already vulnerable before the pandemic. This includes job roles in things like customer service, sales, accommodation, food services and building occupations. 

So in reality, the impact of Covid on the employment landscape is purely an acceleration of change. The job roles that have been lost are jobs that were already seeing a decline… Covid has just sped things up a little! 

We are seeing these changes due to;

  • The addition of automation within these industries
  • Machines/robots learning to complete these job roles
  • An increase in the use of technology

In the short term, Covid is likely to bring a prioritisation of key roles such as care, teachers, NHS staff and social workers. We will also see an increase in the competitiveness for apprenticeships, more roles being home based and a better work life balance for employees. Longer term, we expect to see a decline in jobs that require a basic cognitive process (i.e. the things that can be replaced by robots!), an increase in demand for STEM roles and an increase in positions being partly work from home. 

With this in mind, there are three main ways you can prepare for your future;

  1. Build your skills

Having the qualifications you need for a job will get you to the company’s door. Having the skills you need for the job will get you in! The main skills companies are looking for include: Business Awareness, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving, Resilience, Self Management and Teamwork.

  1. Build your network

Knowing people within the industry you want to work in helps you to find opportunity. The better connected you are, the more opportunities you will find. There are lots of ways you can grow your network like: joining groups, going to networking events (virtually at the moment), creating a LinkedIn account, creating a website or social media page to grow your own personal brand.

  1. Build your vision

Having a vision allows you to think about your life now and where you want to be. By having a clear vision, you can move towards it with the confidence to say no to the things that do not align with your vision for yourself. You are in control of your future so build it how you want it to be, the first step is to visualise it.

At NGTU, we have the tools you need to find your perfect role. Please use the search bar and tailor your search. You can keep up to date with new opportunities in your preferred sector as well as receiving general updates.

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** source

Writer Name: Jess Cook

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