Enjoying Work

Do You Enjoy Your Job?When someone asks you; ‘how’s work?’, how do you respond? You probably say that it’s fine or not bad… but are you being honest? It’s common that people aren’t doing the job they always dreamed of or would like to do. However, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy your job!Your job is where you spend the majority of your time, brain power and effort… so why should you stop yourself from enjoying it? The reality is that our nature as humans is to always strive to be better and earn more. Over 70% of US adults say they do not enjoy or not satisfied by their job, which equates to around 150 million people!How Could You Enjoy Your Job?The likelihood is that you’re not doing the job you always wanted to do or in the sector you find most passionate, but that’s no problem. Take pride in what you do day-to-day, strive to succeed and gain that promotion and be as best as you can be. These factors will naturally push you to be better, enjoy the challenge and ultimately be more content.However, if you’re really unhappy with your job or sector you’re involved in, change it! Don’t be afraid of change but always have a clear understanding and back-up plan. As a young person in the current market, job security and availability is scarce so having a plan b and being able to understand your options reduces pressure on yourself.If you are a young person, you probably don’t know what you want to do as a career… that’s normal! Try things, learn and grow as both a person and as an asset for any company. Build your CV so that you can chase your dream job… or find something you’re good at and excel. Don’t just earn money for the sake of it, being young is a one-time thing. It’s the best time to learn, to make mistakes and understand what you truly enjoy.How Your Health Relates to WorkYour work can have a major effect on your health, both physical and mental. It is a very common link that people who aren’t enjoying their job suffer from mental health issues as well as sometimes seeing a decline in their physical wellbeing. No matter your age or your occupation, everyone is susceptible to this happening to them. Someone may be earning thousands more than you but be a lot unhappier.How you perceive your job and what impact it has on your life will reflect in your mental wellbeing. It is important to note the positives, work on the negatives but never dwell on what you could have done differently or better. Nobody is perfect at their job, and nobody is happy 100% of the time but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you do.How to Find a Career You Can LoveStart with the simple things that you enjoy, go back to basics. Often, simplicity is the solution. Ask yourself, what do I like doing? What am I interested in? Use these answers to explore different avenues of employment. At Not Going To Uni, we have thousands of opportunities across multiple sectors, all over the UK. These can range from early careers, apprenticeships, internships and degree apprenticeships.Sometimes, the job that’s for you might not even cross your mind. If you speak to a lot of people, they stumbled into their profession and found they were good at it, there’s nothing wrong with that! Every person has a different path that they take, and none of them are wrong. You’ll only know what you do and don’t like by trying it, so give it a go!By Lewis Scott

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