Equality, diversity and inclusivity

Posted: 23rd of March 2017 by jemma.davissmith@bcs.uk

We’ve all heard that there’s a connection between the diversity of an organisation and its financial performance and those with lower ethnic and gender diversity correlate with lower financial performance so there’s clearly a driver for getting a diverse mix of people into the workplace.

Why should organisational culture be important to you? Companies are not going to attract or retain people if they have to hide who they really are or they feel like ’the odd one out’. You spend most of your adult life at work, through an apprenticeship, you will be exposed to a companies culture, their values need to resonate with you as a future employee.

When you undergo the selection for an apprenticeship, ask the question 'what is the culture of your organisation?' Take a look around you, what do you see? How is the mix? Does everyone look like you? Did everyone go to university or are they thinking about going to university? Does everyone feel that they can openly be themselves? An organisation with a positive and welcoming culture will embrace this question. You need to make sure you can be the real you, be happy that your morals and values meet in the middle with your potential apprenticeship employer. This, in turn, will help you to suceed and grow with the right employer of your choice.

There’s an aspect in society that we need to fix; to raise awareness and understanding of those responsible for the recruitment in the workplace to provide a diverse mix of employees. The diverse team of the future is the diverse pipeline of today; we need to make sure that these routes to education and opportunities are offered and available to everyone, whether it be a GCSE, a degree or an apprenticeship.

We need role models who inspire the confidence in young people that they too can do this, whether they be male, female, LGBT, someone who dropped out of school - that’s not important. What matters is that all of those people bring a different perspective and different ideas to businesses and our society.

The future is in your hands.

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