Equality in the Workplace

Posted: 1st of March 2019 by Lewis Scott

Progression of Equality

Over the last decade there has been significant improvements to understand and offer equal opportunities regardless of gender, race or religion. However, we believe there is a long way to go and can see a better future for all. Apprenticeships are inclusive and can offer opportunities that may not be available via other routes. Diversity and inclusivity are extremely important topics in todays dynamic society which is why we drive for equal opportunities!

We have seen the gender pay-gap reduced in recent times but there is still more work to do. The steps we have made as individuals and businesses, a society as a whole, has generally improved. We are seeing more women in jobs traditionally populated by men such as construction and engineering. This is great to see and can inspire the next generation of young women to open their minds and break tradition.



With over 4,000 opportunities in various sectors across the UK, we look to provide equal opportunities to all that come looking for an apprenticeship. Whether it is in finance, construction, healthcare etc. the opportunities we advertise do not stereotype.

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) have done great work in ensuring the Equality Act 2010 is upheld and adhered to. This states that everyone in the workplace deserves fair and equal treatment regardless of:

  1. Age
  2. Sex
  3. Race
  4. Disability
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Marital status
  7. Sexual orientation
  8. Gender reassignment
  9. Religious background

In terms of recruitment, there are no longer discriminatory questions that could portray unfair recruitment techniques such as asking your gender or religion for example. This allows everyone that applies an equal and fair opportunity to progress to the next stage.


Equality & Empowerment

In recent times, we have seen a higher rate of young women become apprentices in sectors that they may not have seen as viable options a decade or so ago. This allows for these sectors to evolve. What this also does is create a sense of empowerment and inspiration for young women and young girls to see that they can become a builder (for example) if they want to. This applies for both genders of course; diversity is for all, across the board and we should be proud of the progression in society and recruitment.

We have seen an improvement in the environment of the workplace due to diversity. Gaining a different angle and viewpoint can help a business grow, change outdated policies and so on. Offering opportunities all across the UK, we can see how these apprenticeships, internships etc. can change lives and offer paths that were somewhat unheard of in the past.


We’re extremely proud of the steps we have made as a company to make apprenticeships more inclusive and diverse. There is still work to do and we must see that equality is a priority for all.

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