Five Reasons To Take An Apprenticeship

Are you thinking about doing an apprenticeship? Even if you haven’t considered it, you might want to look at it as an option. While a lot of young people look straight to university after leaving Sixth Form, an apprenticeship may actually offer a better choice – and it’s not just for A level leavers either!

With an ever-increasing focus on, and investment in, apprenticeships things are looking up for apprentices, while many university graduates are finding themselves saddled with debt and struggling to find work. So here are five reasons to take, or at least consider, an apprenticeship:

  • Gain Real Job Skills

No amount of theory can beat actually getting involved and doing something for yourself. Learning on the job is one of the biggest strengths of doing an apprenticeship. With a mix of supported workplace training and classroom based learning, such as in entrepreneurship and computer literacy, an apprentice can expect to get the skills they need to do the career they choose. You will need to find the right level of apprenticeship for you – but there is plenty of advice to help!

  • Get Paid!

Much has been made of the apprenticeship minimum wage and how it is lower than the national minimum wage, leading some to see apprenticeships as an excuse for cheap labour. However, many apprentice providers pay above this minimum, and you must remember that instead of paying for tuition (such as with university), you are actually getting paid!

  • Gain Some Independence

An apprenticeship offers you a level of independence that only earning your own money can offer. Much is made of the ‘university lifestyle,’ and for many that works just fine. But while your friends are struggling to rub two coins together to buy some food you will be earning some regular money while preparing yourself for full-time work.

  • Get Your Career Off To A Good Start

While graduates may gain a degree for their efforts, many struggle to stand out from the crowd when it comes to navigating finding work. They may be forced to take a job they don’t want to get near the work experience you built up during your apprenticeship, and as an apprentice, your work experience is directly related to your chosen career. Forget the idea that apprenticeships are only for manual careers too – while these still exist, there are a great many other apprenticeship options out there! Plus, many apprentices find work as soon as they complete their training – often with the same company they worked with during the apprenticeship itself. You can see our top 30 apprenticeships from last year to see the range available.

  • Take Things Further

There is nothing stopping you from building on your apprenticeship experience with a higher level or training, or even a change to head off to university later. With experience, some money, and your existing training you will already have given yourself a headstart – no matter where you decide to go next.

Why not check out the apprenticeship opportunities right here on NotGoingToUni – surely, it can’t hurt to have a look?

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