Five Spooky Careers

It’s that time of year again and Halloween is upon us – just for fun, let’s take a look at five spooky careers…Fancy a career as a grave digger?A grave digger:
measures and marks out grave spaces
uses a mechanical excavator and hand tools to dig and prepare graves
keeps graves tidy
checks headstones for damage and removes those that are unsafe
maintains lawns, verges and plants around the cemetery
Working hours are normally 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday but you may also need to work at weekends and will be outdoors in all weathers.Like the idea of examining suspicious deaths? - CoronerCoroners look into any deaths that occur suddenly or which appear to be unnatural. They:
decide the cause of death by looking into all the available information
talk to other professionals involved, like the deceased's doctor
order a post-mortem examination if there are questions around the cause of death
notify the Registrar about the death, and results of any inquest held
deal with upset relatives
write reports and recommendations to prevent future deaths
To work as a coroner you must you must be a qualified barrister, solicitor, chartered legal executive with at least 5 years' qualified experience.WeirdScience - ChemistObviously there are many different types of scientist but as it’s Halloween let’s take a look at the most obvious ‘spooky choice – that of the chemist.Chemists:
invent and develop new medicines and products
diagnose and treat illness and disease
analyse forensic evidence
teach, lecture and carry out academic research
design and conduct laboratory experiments
Not so creepy crawlies? - ArachnologistAn arachnologist studies spiders and other arachnids like scorpions, harvestmen, and pseudo scorpions. If you are afraid of spiders then this won’t be the obvious career choice for you, but if you find them more fascinating that scary then it might appeal.Engineering fear - The sound engineerHave a sound engineer in here might look strange, but imagine a career where you get to create the atmosphere and creepy noises needed to frighten people. You could work in television, film and the games industry creating the sounds needed – from creaky doors and floor boards to the sound of blood and guts being eaten by zombies.

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