Five tips to deal with job rejection

Searching for a job can be such a long, exhausting process and getting rejected can be really hard. Here are five tips to deal with job rejection and stay positive.Remember that you are not aloneWhether it is dating or job searching the majority of us can pick our hands up and say we have faced rejection in life that’s a fact. Once you have got over the idea of knowing you are on the same boat as thousands of others across the world you can let go of the fear and focus on the next opportunity.Have a plan BIf plan A hasn’t worked move over to plan B, never place all of your eggs into one basket just because you believe it’s a pretty fit. If you don’t get that job depression will follow! To spare yourself the heartache find alternative jobs and carry on searching remember it’s smarter to explore multiple opportunities.Highlight your strengthsOnce you have been rejected it’s so much easier to blame yourself often finding faults in you Curriculum Vitae, interview and even personality. We often forget our true value once we are faced with rejection it is very important to know your exact strengths so even if you have to write them down on your bedroom wall (don’t use a permanent marker) or say them out loud you have to live and breathe your strengths that’s what makes you different to the rest by believing in yourself you will be able to convince your future employer in your interview that you are a worthy candidate for the job.Double check your referencesWe are often so caught up on how the interview has gone that we completely forget to look over our references. Never think for a second employers don’t look over the references you have provided by making sure your references are all up to date and your referees are made aware of giving reference this won’t hinder the recruitment process.Always ask for feedbackNo matter how disappointed you feel it is always vital to ask for feedback no matter how much you think you know why you have been rejected. The reason could be completely the opposite of what you assumed. Remember being rejected doesn’t count as feedback by asking you are willing to take constructive criticism and develop on weaker areas making it all the more easier for you to succeed in the long run.

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