Five top jobs for introverts

Are you the type of person that feels comfortable making your own decisions working alone and not having to worry about speaking to another human being for too long? Do you prefer deep conversations over a loud party? Does alone time energise you?By Maryam AliWell than you’re an introvert. For you it is about seeking energy from within and focusing on one task at a time as well as observing situations before getting involved. It’s not that you dislike people you just prefer your own space.We all know working is a necessity and sometimes if you just want to be left alone here are five jobs where you won’t find yourself being the centre of attention in meetings.Social media assistantYou will specialise in virtual interaction by managing day-to-day communication amongst supporters and contacts via social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. Working in social media you will be responsible for writing fresh and engaging content across the social channels to gain a wider audience.ArtistIf you are creative and just happen to be compared to Van Gogh than a career as an artist could be destined for you. The best thing is if you like being alone you can be creative and work all hours locked away in a studio instead of going out and socialising.BloggerThis form of instant and global self-publishing made possible by technology. Allows you to write freely without having face to face interaction with anyone. You could even blog from your bed I know it sounds Ludacris but its true technology has made it easier for messages to go out without having to truly interact with other human beings.AuditorWhy not let numbers speak for themselves instead of using small talk as an auditor you will be examining the money going in and out of organisations and making sure it is recorded and processed correctly instead of being involved in social settings.Geo scientistNot only will you be on a healthy salary but as a Geo scientist you will be spending half of your time outside in the field away from colleagues. The other half of your time you will be in the lab or in front of a computer.So whether you prefer to control the virtual world of interaction or paint the next Mona Lisa these jobs are sure to keep you away from socialising with others for too long. You will feel more engaged and focused on things that stimulate you.

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