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Posted: 27th of November 2017 by

Why did you choose an apprenticeship at GSK?

I chose to apply for the apprenticeship scheme at GSK not only because of its good reputation and company values, but also because of the way the programme is run. The idea of rotations and being able to see and learn different skill sets around the business is something that really appeals to me.

What has been your most enjoyable project?

Having recently moved to the Engineering Automation department, I’ve been able to take a front seat in a piece of work linked to the Galileo project which is working to install IP21 software onto a Compression machine. The modification will eliminate the need for manual data aggregation. The work on Compression 8 has thus far involved hardware and software modifications including code changes within the PLC, I’ve liaised interdepartmentally and externally with vendors and I’ve been able to gain some perspective into how this change on the GMS side of the business has a direct influence on R&D, something I haven’t seen first-hand until now in my apprenticeship. It’s testament to the fact that as apprentices, we aren’t just given side-line work – the jobs we do have a big impact on the business!!

Has this always been your chosen career path?

Engineering has always been something I've been interested in – previously I have done placements in the civil and aeronautical engineering sectors. What really drew me to work at GSK is the fact we get the opportunity to work to create products that ultimately can save people’s lives.

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