Foods for your brain

Chances are you are either revising ready for exams or you are putting in a real effort to finish final projects / coursework. You can get very run-down and tired when you are in the final throws of the school year. Find out what to eat to give your brain a boost.BreakfastIn the morning, why not try some blueberries and walnuts on your yogurt. Blueberries are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, plus they taste great, and walnuts are high in vitamin E, which boosts your brain power (Coincidently, they also look a bit like a brain).LunchFor lunch, why not try an avocado salad or maybe Nigella’s now famous avocado on toast – avocados are rich in healthy fatty acids and vitamin E.Tea timeWhen tea-time comes around you can boost your brain power even more with some oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel or sardines served with some rich in iron greens like spinach or kale.An evening treatAfter all this healthy, brain boosting food – why not keep it up and for an evening treat, swap your usual milk chocolate for a dark bar -70% cocoa solids or more. Dark chocolate is reputed to boost your brain function by increasing blood flow and it’s full of antioxidants too.Obviously, don’t forget to actually do your revision – great brain boosting food alone won’t see you through. Combining hard study with healthy eating and some exercise will definitely help you achieve your best though – so it’s worth a go right…

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