Forget The Fees With A Sponsored Degree

Going to university is about two things – getting a degree and the much-hyped ‘university lifestyle.’ However, for all the supposed partying and freedoms that university stereotypically promises, there is also the reality of not having much money while running up thousands of pounds in debt to consider. Of course, when it comes to getting a degree it may be a necessity to enter some professions – meaning the debt is an unavoidable down-side of going to uni to push ahead with your career goals. But what if there was a way to avoid the debt and still get that degree? Surely you would have heard of that by now? No? Well, there is an answer – a sponsored degree!

What is a Sponsored degree?

A sponsored degree is where a student has their fees paid by a company on the proviso that the education will enhance their skills and offer a direct benefit to the business who is doing the sponsoring. This will often mean that a student is asked to work for the business part-time or during the holidays while attending university to study for a degree.

Much like with an apprenticeship, a sponsored degree provides education alongside work experience, except rather than an NVQ, those who get sponsored will earn a full degree.

Is There A Downside?

Surely there has to be a catch, right? It all depends how you look at the sponsorship – saving yourself thousands of pounds in fee payments is clearly a great thing, but of course your sponsor will want something for their money. This means that you may be expected to join the company full-time once you have graduated.

That said, a guaranteed job isn’t such a bad thing while so many graduates are struggling to find appropriate work each year!

What About The Choice?

Of course, a sponsored degree works differently from just choosing your own degree to study. This typically means that you will be asked to study something that directly benefits your sponsor – such as business.

So, not only can you get a fee-free degree, but you can also get a wage and some valuable work experience. OK, so this may all eat into your ‘university lifestyle’ – but sitting in a cold room eating baked beans out of the only clean mug in the house soon gets tired!

Instead, why not consider pushing your career forward while getting a degree without the debt? It may sound too good to be true – but it isn’t. Just search for the available sponsored degrees and see if any suit your goals – why pay when you don’t have to?

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