Four High Paying Industries you Can Break into Without a Degree

Exams are over for another year and there’s a glorious few weeks to enjoy summer before thinking about your future. With results day comes the inevitable question of what’s next and many young people are set to be heading off to university. But this is becoming an increasingly unpopular option and it’s unsurprising why: eye-watering tuition fees and increasingly fierce competition for jobs are just some of the reasons why apprenticeships are becoming an excellent alternative.

Apprenticeships provide an excellent chance to gain new skills and qualifications which make you employable. Not only that, but you can start earning money right away and avoid the crippling student loan debts. Here is a small selection of the best paying industries which don’t require a degree:


Functional and up to date technology is the backbone of any modern business, and this makes IT one of the most valued industries, with salaries starting from around £42,000 for qualified professionals.

The good news is that a degree is no longer necessary to break into the IT industry. According to Just IT, apprentices could earn up to £1,000 per month. And there’s no shortage of opportunities, with companies such as Sainsbury’s, GB and Smith and Squawka looking for top talent.


The law industry is versatile with many different avenues to explore. And with salaries starting from £17,000, there is great earning potential.

You no longer have to spend years studying at university to earn qualifications. By undergoing a law apprenticeship, you can learn on the job and gain qualifications to set you on the road to you becoming a legal professional.

Digital Marketing

The thought of spending your day scrolling through social media sounds appealing, but that’s far from the only perk you can enjoy with a career in marketing.

As our reliance on technology increases, so too will our need for social media and search engines, increasing the need for digital marketers. And there is no shortage of opportunities, with companies like Google seeking apprentices. Marketing apprentices can also look to take home around £18,000 and salaries for qualified employees around £25,000.


Accountancy provides a wide range of opportunities. If numbers are your niche, there is no shortage of accounting opportunities available which will set you on the right track to becoming a qualified chartered accountant without the need for a degree. Apprentice salaries start from around £18,000 and once you’re qualified, you can look to earn anywhere from £25,000 upwards.

Clearsky are always looking for top talent. You can see the current apprentice opportunities available on our careers page:

Apprenticeships can be an excellent choice when it comes to salary and the wealth of opportunities available. If you’re looking to jumpstart your career and dive straight into the world of work, this could be just the route for you.

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