Get ready for freshers

If you’re about to go off to uni, you are probably pretty excited. Find out what to expect in the first weeks…

First things first, when you arrive at university you will have Freshers’ Week. If you haven’t already signed up for events / parties, you can normally do this online (get you parents to pay). It’s also a good idea to chat with other people who are going to your uni or doing your course at uni via social media groups that will be set up.

Freshers’ week is all about getting to know people and getting settled in. You will be able to sign up to societies (or set up your own), get your student union card sorted and attend all sorts of welcome events.

  1. Beware the dreaded Freshers’ flu! It is actually a thing. If you don’t get it then you’re probably not human. Take tissues, pain killers and vitamins with you in preparation.
  2. Pace yourself – it can get a bit crazy in Freshers’ week with lots of drinking. You don’t want to ruin your first week by being hungover.
  3. Knock on doors and be friendly – remember the point is to get to know people and they will all be feeling nervous.
  4. Expect to feel homesick; it’s perfectly normal to miss home and your family. You’ll get used to it and there will be plenty of people around at uni to help you if it gets too bad.

Don’t go out and buy kettles, toasters and washing up liquid. If you are sharing a kitchen you could end up with eight or even more! – wait until you get there and then sort it out together; it’s a good bonding experience anyway.

Don’t go crazy and spend all your money in the first week. As a student you are going to be broke, so get used to cheap meals and charity shops. Try to budget; yes it’s boring …but also necessary.

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