Get ready for the Halloween party-time for dress up

There are so many excuses for a good party and Halloween is no different –but don’t follow the crowd – check out some of the best costume ideas on the net.Go as a Jelly fishAll you need is an umbrella (clear in best) and some long material for the stingers (try strips of bubble wrap or ribbons) attach your ‘stingers’ all around the edge of the umbrella and away you go – no scrubbing at make up at the end of the night either.For the artist - Son of Man (the Magritte painting)Get your grey overcoat on and a bowler hat, print out a green apple and attach it so that it hangs in front of your face.Regan from The ExorcistYou don’t even have to do your hair for this one – get yourself a face mask (ideally cucumber) – slap this on and let it dry, use an old red lipstick if you can’t get hold of fake red scars and blacken a bit around your eyes.lordjim/ by 2.0// 1Go as a bag of jelly beansGet yourself a large, clear bin liner and cut holes for your arms and legs. Fill this with multi-coloured balloons, write some nutritional information on the back and tie it up (lowly) round your neck with a colourful ribbon.The PiñataAh – everybody loves a piñata. Get yourself kitted out with loads of coloured crepe paper and make yourself a skirt or trouser suit by covering plain clothes in strips of the stuff – top it off with a crepe paper strip covered party hat and hope that no one wallops you.

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