Getting a great job without a degree

In spite of what many people will tell you, the truth is that you don’t always need to go to university to land a good job. Whilst there are many great jobs that of course can be accessed by going to university, there are also a great number of well-paid and rewarding jobs that don’t require a degree and that won’t require you to rack up a debt of in excess of £40,000 (the average debt a university student now leaves with) to get there. On that note, we will now discuss how to get into a professional field without actually going to university.Get a job that doesn’t require a university education

We aren’t just talking about waiting tables or flipping burgers (not that there is anything wrong with working in the catering industry which has some great careers that begin at the bottom washing the pots and can end with being a head chef or a restaurant manager).

The job of an air traffic controller for example, starts at £46,000 per year and goes up to more than £100,000 once you have gained the necessary experience. Although you won’t need to go to university to land this job, you will need specialist on-the-job training to become an expert in spatial reasoning, numerical reasoning and verbal skills. Add fitness experts, executive assistants, construction managers and even airline pilots to that list and suddenly, going to university may not feel like a requirement to get a great job.

Join an apprenticeship programme instead

When an employer scans through the list of candidates for a job, he/she is likely looking for someone with experience of the role.

In fact, apprentices are so highly sought after that corporations both big and small often look for help finding an apprentice from selected programmes. You will still need good grades and a high aptitude to get selected for good programmes, but if you have the ability, this is a really great way to enter the world of work and in fact you can even get degree level apprenticeships where you gain a degree (usually on day release) whilst you work. Not to mention, apprentices are paid even when they are learning the necessary skills to make themselves indispensable in the future.

Learn to Code

Do you know what Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and a bunch of other software developers have in common aside from being billionaire geniuses? None of them has a degree. While their success had a lot to do with the genius intellect which they were born with. Coding is something that you can learn to do either on your own of at college, without studying for a degree and if you have a natural knack for it, chances are that you will never be without highly paid employment for too long.

Whilst there are certain fields of work which will never really open up to you unless you have completed a degree level qualification in the subject there are many that do not. If you do your homework, you’ll find a multitude that you can access without needing to set foot in a university. If you fancy taking an alternative route for whatever reason, the options mentioned above should help you find what you need.

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