Giving back to our communities

Posted: 24th of January 2018 by Laura Feltz

At Thames Water we believe in giving back to our communities. Each of our employees are entitled to 2 days a year to volunteer at various events and give something back. These are called “Time to Give” days.

During 2016-17 our people participated in nearly a thousand vounteering events, collectively investing over 7000 hours across our region.

A great example of how these are used is a recent event in reading where thanks to the efforts of 40 volunteer litter-pickers who supported the latest RESCUE event Reading is a cleaner and tidier place.

Employees from our business (who sponsored the event), were joined by representatives from other businesses in the area and took to the streets and paths where, in just a couple of hours, they collected 34 bags of rubbish.

The following day a further 24 bags worth of rubbish were removed from public spaces around the town. Thames Water’s Neeti Bindra said: “As a major employer in Reading it’s really important for us to get involved with the surrounding community and Reading RESCUE has become a yearly event that we look forward to and are always happy to support. “It was great to have volunteers from other businesses and to be able to give something back to our community".

Similar projects have been run in conjunction with Royal Borough of Greenwich Council and the London Borough of Bexley Council within the last year, collecting over 250 more bags of rubbish.


Find out more about how we give back here:

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