Have You Considered an Online College?

Don’t you just love living in such a great era? Just think about it: drones are soon to be delivering your Amazon orders, you can eat cow-free burgers, you can monitor your health by wearing a smartwatch, and connect with your loved ones wherever they are in the world!

We are definitely living much smarter than ever before. When it comes to education, many of the obstacles that used to prevent people from gaining the desired level of education no longer exist. And we can thank online colleges for that.

With online colleges, anyone can get a degree regardless of their spare time, financial abilities, or other responsibilities. Online education offers you enormous flexibility and an opportunity to study from your own home or your favorite coffee shop! If you’re a parent of small kids or have a full-time job you can’t afford to quit, online college might be great for you.

If you’ve been thinking about joining the online college bandwagon, here are 7 reasons why studying online is a perfect option.

1. Flexible Schedule

One of the most important advantages of online colleges is their flexibility. Most people who decide to study online have other responsibilities, be it a full-time job or kids, so they’re prevented from taking traditional on-campus classes.

Campus-based classes require students to show up at a certain time, sit through the lesson, then go home and do homework assignments. Online studying allows you to decide what time you want to take the courses or when to do your homework. Do you want to study after your kids go to bed at night? You can. Or maybe finish your assignment during lunch break at work? Why not?!

2. Lower Costs

Choosing to study online is going to save you tons of money. Online colleges don’t require you to pay for a dorm room or to invest in as many textbooks. Plus, the number of online colleges is so big, there is literally something for everybody, regardless of the financial situation. Check out this list of the cheapest colleges which include the Brigham Young University-Hawaii, the Delta State University, the Alcorn State University, and more.

3. Location Is Not a Factor

Do you live in Alaska but want to study in Hawaii? You got it! Geography no longer prevents people from getting the desired degree of education. Online colleges provide the same resources and possibilities as their on-campus counterparts and you can take the classes from the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to stress about living far away from home and everyone you know, or fitting in and adjusting to new people. Not to mention, you’ll save time and money by not having to move.

4. No Travelling

Did you know that scientists have established a connection between commuting time and well-being? 45% of people in the States commute on a daily basis and the average commute time is about half an hour. This means that you are already spending 1 hour every day commuting. So, imagine if you had to attend campus-based classes right after your workday is done. You won’t be able to see your family and friends or do all the things you love. Online colleges allow you to start working immediately. Zero commuting time!

5. Finish Faster

Having in mind that you’re saving plenty of time by not having to commute or attend classes that might take hours, you can commit to studying so, depending on your circumstances, you could get your degree in a year or even sooner.

6. Balance Different Responsibilities

As we’ve already mentioned, people who choose to study online already have lots of responsibilities. Online colleges take this fact into consideration and strive to accommodate students’ priorities as much as possible. When studying online, you don’t have to make sacrifices in order to achieve your education goals. You won’t be required to quit your dream job or spend time away from your kids.

If you have been looking to change careers, get a degree while raising a family, or advance your career while still working, online colleges are a great option to consider.

7. Opportunities for Interaction and Networking

Some students favor face-to-face interaction, whereas others prefer doing everything on their own. Fortunately, online education provides opportunities for both. You can choose to do everything lying in bed, wearing your pajamas (there are online chats and message boards for students like you) or get together with other students living in your area to study. It’s all up to you.

In addition, online colleges offer the same opportunities for networking as traditional colleges. Many online schools offer an opportunity to gain experience while studying. There are opportunities for jobs, volunteering, apprenticeships, training, internships, externships, etc. that can add valuable experience to your resume.

Final Thoughts

People who decide to study online are aware that the sooner they get a degree, the sooner they can move up their career. If you want to get a better job with a better salary and benefits, you’ll need a higher education degree from an accredited university or college.

Colleges (and education in general) have been evolving, and thanks to online education, today’s students have more options than ever before. Online colleges provide unique opportunities for learning and growing that might not have been available to students before. Consider your lifestyle demands and personal learning goals when deciding whether or not online studying is a good option for you.

Written by Sherryn De Vos


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