Help! I don’t think I’m going to get the grades that I need

Dealing with disappointment

Results day is stressful for everyone and top tips for results day are a must.Maybe you missed a maths or English GCSE grade and you can’t do the course that you wanted to.

Try to remember that even though you’ll feel really disappointed – it isn’t the end of the world. Some people learn their best lessons from getting it wrong.

There is always the option of getting a re-mark. You’ll need to speak to your teacher about this quickly. It’s only really worth it if you missed the grade that you needed by a few marks and remember that when you have a paper re-marked, it can go down as well as up.

Re-marks take a while and in the meantime you’ll need to get sorted for the start of year, so the best option is to get yourself on an alternative course and if your re-mark comes back improved then will probably be able to switch course at this point (check with the school or college).

If it doesn’t or you missed the grade by quite a bit then all is not lost — you will be able to take an alternative course (maybe at level two instead of three) and re-take your GCSE at the same time.

What happens if my school sixth form won’t take me?

If the sixth form that you’ve applied to won’t take you because of your results, you may be able to find a place on a course at your local college of FE through a process called late admissions.

Late Admissions — what is it?

The late admissions process is something that colleges will offer after GCSE results are released. If you have done better or worse than you were expecting to then you will be wondering what to do about it. You may be thinking of changing course based on your results or you might be panicking about not getting the results that you needed to do the course that you had planned on.

How the late admissions process works

Simple — you just ring up the college (you don’t have to have applied to it already) and ask for the admissions department. Tell them your situation and they will arrange an interview for you as soon as possible. Remember that courses start soon, so be prepared to go in at a moment’s notice and take your results slip with you!

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