How To Find Work

If you are looking for a job you don’t want to find out that you are missing out on opportunities because you aren’t looking in the right places. Different companies and industries tend to prefer different ways of advertising their vacancies, but ultimately their goal is to find the right candidate. Employers want to find you with their vacancies as much as you want to find a suitable job to apply for, but why not use all of the tools available to you to maximise your chances of finding and getting that dream role? Here we introduce four different ways to find work:

  • Online

Looking for work online can take a lot of the work out of finding a job. Many vacancies are advertised online at job sites or an employer’s website. Some job sites specialise in particular areas of work, such as office administration or marketing. If there is a particular company that you want to work for, be sure to check their website for any vacancies. You can even find school and college-leaver jobs right here on NotGoingtoUni.

  • Press and Magazines

Don’t forget to check newspapers and magazines for job advertisements too. Your local newspaper will offer a good overview of the type of jobs that are available where you live. Just looking through the local job pages can also be a good way to start thinking about what career you want to choose.

  • Recruitment Agencies

A lot of employers use recruitment agencies to help them find staff. Using specialists makes the process easier for employers as well as taking a lot of the hard work out of job searching. There are a lot of recruitment agencies out there, and some are better than others. Agencies often specialise in different types of work, whether temporary or permanent, or in particular job sectors. By all means, use one that specialises in the area you want to work, but try to register with a number of different agencies – after all, why look for work on your own when you can have someone else help you? The only thing with recruitment agencies is that they may have a lot of names on their books, so you still have to be proactive in chasing them up and seeing how they are doing with finding you a job. Be persistent yet polite and they will work harder for you – if only to get you out of their hair!

  • Networking

Don’t forget to speak with your family and friends. Even if they can’t offer you any opportunities right now they may know someone who can, and at worst will at least know you are looking if something does come up. Networking can also mean using social media to find work. While this is another great tool to help you find a job, it comes with its own rules and dangers – such as having to be careful what you post online!

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