How I Found my Apprenticeship Employer (and got £250 for it!)

QA Apprentice Lewis Kervin talks aboutfinding his own employerto take him on with QA Apprenticeship training – and how he earned £250 for doing it.

Ifinished school at 17 and started working with little success – I was in and out of low paid jobs so I decided to go back into education, but as I was already earning money I decided an apprenticeship would be best rather than going to college.

“QA… blew the competition out of the water”

I applied for aBusiness apprenticeshipand had interviews with 3 different trainingproviders. In the endI choseQA Apprenticeshipsbecause they blew the competition out of the water! My first impression was very good, their premises were very nice, clean & tidy and the staff were very smart and professional. At the interviewI met some great people, had a bit of a laugh, drank tea and the staff seemed genuinely interested in my future during the one-to-one interviews at the end.

Just days later I was contacted to say that I had been successful at the interview!

I could either letQA more or less find me an employer for meOR go and find an employer myself (andget a £250 bonusif successful). This seemed like a no brainer to me as I was desperate to get my apprenticeship started as soon as possible, so I set about finding my own employer.

“Employers liked…that I’d taken the initiative to find an employer myself rather than leave it to someone else”

The first thing I did was check on theNational Apprenticeship Serviceand searchforBusiness apprenticeshipslocal to me. I then contacted these companies direct with a CV and covering letter explaining that I wanted to do a Business apprenticeship with QA, and to my surprise I received a very positive response!

I think employers liked the fact that I’d taken the initiative to find an employer myself rather than leave it to someone else, I believe it showed responsibility, self confidence and ownership. I think they were also more inclined to hear me out as I’d already been successful at my interview withQA, rather than someone who hadn’t yet been accepted by a learning provider. This all showed how ready I was to start a new job and gave the employer a bit of confidence in me knowing I was in it for the long run.

“Get a job very quickly whilst earning a quick £250″

For these reasons I would strongly suggest to other young people looking for an employer to just take the initiative and find their own employer to do their QA Apprenticeship with. It’s a win-win situation; you are the one in control and could get a job very quickly whilst earning a quick £250!

QA offers apprenticeships in IT, Software, Digital Marketing & Business

QA offersapprenticeships in IT,Software,Digital Marketing&Business

Within a couple of weeks of being accepted by QA, I’d received job offers and soon had a place to complete my apprenticeship (with a bonus£250in my back pocket). I passed the apprenticeship in 12 months and I was offered a full time role and I am now an “estimator and administrator” and earn a decent wage.

I would definitely suggest thatother young people do what I did. Grab your future by the horns, go out there and find yourself an employer you like with a business that suits you and tell them you want to do your training withQA Apprenticeships. It’s as easy as that, I spent about an hour or so every day searching for and contacting potential employers that were right for me. Also don’t worry too much about setbacks; cut your losses, learn from the experience and move on.

If you want to do your training with QA Apprenticeships and want to earn yourself an extra £250, you can follow in Lewis’ footsteps and find your own employer too!

Click here for more information on how to find you own employer and earn £250

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