How many careers will you have in a lifetime?

A recent report by Fast Future Research has suggested that more needs to be done in schools to prepare young people realistically for the world of work in the future.It is suggested that the reality is that young people should expect to have a variety of careers or a career by portfolio in the future and that they need to be prepared for this.Mr Talwar of Fast Future has stressed that,
We need to start thinking about those things; we need to start thinking about the kinds of skills we'll need to help people stay employable” adding that in the future people "might well have 40 jobs in that period in 10 different careers.”
As technology develops, many jobs today held by people will be performed by robots and in addition, many of the jobs which exist today and will continue to exist in the future are likely to be shaped both by technology and by social factors. For example, jobs in care work are predicted to increase between now and 2021 as the population ages and lives longer.There are also likely to be huge changes to the technology used in care work, with an increase in telecare in particular. This means that there are likely to be new job roles available in the field of programming and IT as systems are developed.Equally, in the field of energy, developments in the future might include the development of mobile apps which consumers can use to control heating systems remotely and in the field of business, cloud-based solutions will be big business and along with this, IT security system development.Young people undertaking qualifications and training now need to think beyond the ‘usual’ career routes and understand the changing future of careers as driven by technological as well as social factors.

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