How online learning can land you a job in tech

Dreaming of becoming a data scientist, web developer, or cyber security expert, but not sure how to achieve it without getting a degree? Fear not - it’s all perfectly possible. 

The secret? Online education.

Remote learning is becoming an increasingly popular choice for students, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Since many universities are still working on a remote or blended-learning basis for the foreseeable future, lots of students are opting to enrol in online education instead, which offers much more flexibility and value for money. 

So, how do online courses prepare students for jobs in tech? Read on to find out how you could earn your first position in your chosen industry before you’ve even finished your studies.


Up-to-date course material

Online learning from providers such as Microsoft, CompTIA and Amazon are continually updated with the latest technological advancements and methodologies. 

With the syllabus being written by leading tech companies, they’re all at the cutting-edge of real world industry requirements - more so than university courses, which get a refresh of their material every few years.


Virtual seminars and webinars

Another benefit of online is virtual seminars and webinars, and live classrooms so students can learn directly from industry experts and have the opportunity to get their questions answered. 

Unlike some university seminars you have to attend in person, these online versions will always be recorded - so if you miss the live event because you’re at work, you can watch it back later in your own time and won’t miss a thing.


Student support

A good online educational provider will still offer a student support network to help you with any queries and concerns. Sometimes, these representatives can even help you create a study plan that fits around your commitments and responsibilities, to keep your learning on track. 

With the right support, you won’t need to suffer in silence if you come across a technical glitch or need some extra information on a topic you’re working on. 


Careers advice 

Just because you’re not physically attending a college or university doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get access to professional career guidance. Some digital schools have a dedicated careers team who can give you industry-focused advice on how to apply and how to impress employers - sometimes even before a student finishes their course. 

It’s a smart idea to enrol on a course that offers career guidance as part of the package. This way, you’re not left scratching your head and wondering what to do next after you’ve passed your exams. After all, just like a degree, your certification alone doesn’t guarantee you a job.

An expert tech career advisor can tell you how to optimise your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to stand out against the competition. So, save yourself the hassle of finding one yourself and go for a course that includes this service. 


Study on your terms

Not keen to dedicate 3 years of your life to a university course? You could become accredited in your chosen tech sector in much less time for much less money. 

Online courses mean that your study schedule is down to you: you don’t have to wake up for 9am lectures or be on campus in the middle of the day if you don’t want to. You can study around your 9-5 job, football training, the school run, or anything else you’ve got going on. 

If all of this sounds appealing to you, get out there today and explore the online learning options available.

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