How QA helped me start not just a job, but a career

Pascale Smith,Softwareapprenticefrom London, blogs about choosing to start hercareer in the IT industry withQA Apprenticeships.

I was once incredibly keen on the prospects of university and obtaining a degree,NO EXTERNAL USE - Pascale smithafter three or perhaps four more years of education. I’d been taught that this route was the better route and had the most potential in landing me a career easily. An apprenticeship had never come to mind during my last year of college, whilst I was studying day and night in order to achieve the best grades possible. After having stressed over the workload I had to endure during my A levels, I started to wonder if I could manage another few years of sitting in a lecture, trying to pay attention and learning without being practically involved.

And that’s when I was informed about apprenticeships.

The idea of being able togain and apply training to real life projects, for genuine clients appealed to me. It motivated me to perform to the best of my ability, knowing that failing to complete tasks and fulfill objectives would have greater impacts and consequences in this context, than if I were to miss an assignment for a project at university.

As a practical learner, being able to learn both on the job and at an apprenticeship provider for training appeared to be far more worthwhile, it meant that I would be able to have a substantial amount of time to implement what I would be learning in terms of software and web development, but also todevelop my professionalism and gain much required experience in the technology industry.

Upon leaving college I began to look for apprenticeships, I came across theQA Apprenticeships websiteand was immediately impressed by the fact that they wererated “Outstanding” by Ofsted.Coming from the education system where Ofsted are presented as an incredibly important body, you could imagine why discovering an apprenticeship provider with such high appraisal from them would make me more interested to find out about QA and why they are so great at what they do.

Being a young personfinding a well-paid joboutside of retail is incredibly hard, this influenced my decision toapply for an apprenticeship at QA. They highlighted the fact that 94% of their apprentices complete their apprenticeship having secured a full time job, this stood out to me immediately.

I would recommend any individual with a passion for IT to apply for an apprenticeship with QA. Instead of obtaining debt, you earn money. Instead of being told what a certain construct or language does or is about, you canexplore the said language for yourself.

Experience is greatly recognised in an industry so complex like technology. QA are incrediblydedicated to helping you start not just a job, but a career.

QA have 100s of apprenticeship job vacancies available now with top tech employers across the UK.Search jobs near you using our vacancy search.

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