How to stay in shape without spending a fortune

Being a student equals late nights, early mornings, endless studying, pulling all-nighters and partying likes there’s no tomorrow. This is why it seems ever so hard to squeeze in time to exercise. As a student you may not have the money to spare on gym membership on top of all of your monthly outgoings. Here’s how to stay in shape without spending a fortune.Join a society / sports teamThe best thing about this is it is free and you will challenge your inner competitiveness whilst working out. You would also make new friends on campus and once you get into the routine of playing a sport in a team you will be relied up on so you will find it harder to get out of exercising by pulling a sickie because you will be letting a whole team down.Cook your own mealsIt’s simple - the less you cook the more weight you gain I am not exaggerating but pre-packaged and restaurant food contain a lot more calorie heavy with less nutritious value then home cooking. It’s true cooking for yourself and keeping track of what is going into your food is a good way.Run while you reviseWhen it comes to revision reading straight from the textbook isn’t always effective. Running whilst listening to revision notes can be very effective not only are you keeping fit but you are getting closer to passing your exams by multitasking.Get on your bikeIf you have one already sitting in your back garden shed collecting dust it’s time to give it a good clean and take it for a good ride. The benefit of riding is it’s a lot easier on your legs then running. Another plus with your bike is you will be saving a lot from riding to places instead of using public transport so often.Fitness and health appsYou have a smartphone why not utilise it further and get apps that help speed you up into shape in no time. The best thing is you will be managing and keeping a track on how much exercise you have done throughout the day. One of the most popular apps counts every step you have done throughout the day calculating how many calories you have lost. There are also specialist apps like daily yoga that will keep you fit and relaxed in the comfort of your own home.

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