How to Write Compelling Job Description to Hire Apprentices

Finding the right employee for your company is a challenging task that requires additional effort. Fortunately, advanced technology has made things easier a lot. Social media, different recruiting software solutions, and other platforms can be helpful. However, if the entrepreneur plans to hire apprentices, the entire process is a bit different. 

When hiring a full-time employee, entrepreneurs usually use similar or almost identical strategies to attract them. For example, they will offer higher salaries, talk about the achievements the company had in the past, etc. However, the same method is not going to work for the apprentices. They have some other requirements and expectations. 

Many apprentices possess the hidden talents that wait for the right moment to get discovered. These inexperienced people are looking for a place where they can show their talents and skills. However, they are also aware of the improvement process they need to go through. Because of that, they would more likely decide on a place that provides the necessary support and training.

An entrepreneur can use the hidden talents of apprentices and adapt them to the needs and core values of the company. Despite that, they can also bring some fresh air and new energy to their team. 

Yet, these benefits are available to every entrepreneur that wants to hire apprentices. That is the reason why writing a compelling job description becomes essential. By going through different stages, every entrepreneur will manage to reach his goal. Let's find out those stages together! 

Highlight the Skills the Apprentices Should Have 

The biggest problem apprentices have is a lack of work experience. That is the reason why entrepreneurs should not require a list of skills from them. Of course, the potential apprentices should have some basic knowledge. However, that is the maximum an entrepreneur should look for. Everything more than that can only make the job description less effective. 

Entrepreneurs should focus more on personal characteristics. For example, the first and most important thing is the willingness to learn. Spending valuable time on people that don't have the desire to learn new things is useless. That is the reason why more than 86% of people consider a strong work ethic as one of the essential skills candidates should have. 

On the other hand, verbal and written communication also needs to be one of the key skills. The apprentice is not going to adapt to requirements adequately if his or her communication is bad. Despite that, he also won't deliver essential information on time. Because of that, the effectiveness of the business operations may reduce. 

Describe the Workplace Policy

The working atmosphere is essential for every apprentice. The opportunity to grow won't be enough to convince him your company is the right place for him. After reading the workplace policy, he or she will manage to make his conclusions. 

That especially counts now when the entire world is facing a pandemic. The proper workplace policy under those conditions confirms that employers take care of their workers. For instance, mention that employee sanitization is mandatory inside the company's office. 

On the other hand, share some images where the apprentices can see the company is respecting the social distance. All these pieces of evidence can be a big plus in the eyes of an inexperienced worker. 

Describe the Support Apprentices Will Get

Here comes the essential part for every apprentice. The reason why they will choose the company is the opportunity to improve their knowledge and grow. It would be good to use an example to make things clear. 

Let's imagine that an owner of a web development company plans to hire an apprentice. The entrepreneur, in that case, will probably require some basic knowledge about programming languages from his new worker. Yet, his duty will also be to teach his "student" everything he should know. 

For instance, entrepreneurs should record video tutorials and make them available for the apprentice. In that way, the apprentice can get familiar with the technical side of his work. After that, the employer should allow the apprentice to complete one part of the job on his own.

However, that doesn't mean the mentor should complete the job without any explanations. Instead of that, he should show him the best possible way to finish the same task. If the apprentice has the desire to learn, he will gladly apply all the pieces of advice from his mentor. 

All these pieces of information should be part of the job description. It is okay if the job description seems too long at first glance. However, that is the reason why the next step is essential. 

Make the Job Description Engaging and Friendly

Being a good entrepreneur is not the same as being a good writer. Business owners often add many professional phrases and wordy terms to their job description. In that way, they want to leave a more professional impression. 

Doing something like that is wrong. The tone of the job description needs to be friendly and conversational. An apprentice needs to feel like the company welcomes him and understands his desire to grow. Sounding too professional can potentially scare the apprentices. He would start thinking that a particular company has too high requirements. 

As we said, not all entrepreneurs are good content writers. That is the reason why using online writing services like Get Good Grade can help entrepreneurs write job descriptions more effectively. 

Apprentices Would Want to Know What's Next

The apprentices would want to know the future prospects that the company offers. They want to know their hard work and dedication will pay off in the end. That is the reason why the job description should contain the part that describes opportunities that await them after the training ends. 

Let's use HR support apprentices as an example. The opportunity to become HR consultants after their training ends will be motivational for them. Of course, the statement of the business owner sometimes won't be enough. If the company already hired apprentices in the past, and they got a promotion, their testimonials would be valuable. 

Final Thought

With these five steps, entrepreneurs will manage to write a compelling job description to hire apprentices. The only thing left now is to wait for the apprentices to apply. 

Writing a resume is a challenging part as well. 

Just like business owners, not all the apprentices know how to write engaging content. If that's the problem they have, they can look for online tutoring services that will guide them until they write a powerful CV. 

If their CV meets the requirements of companies, their chances of becoming apprentices grow. On the other hand, if the job description is clear and friendly, the company's chances to find the right apprentice grow. Hopefully, both parties will understand that.

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