I left college early and now I have a future to shout about!

QA Apprentice Emma Clarktalks abouthow she got a future to shout about through doing an apprenticeship.

After getting my AS results, I realised that I had to make a choice; whether to go back to college and endure the pressuEmma Clarkre of homework, coursework or exams, or possibly get an apprenticeship. It was a pretty easy choice. I loved the fact that through an apprenticeship you could earn whilst you learn, get qualifications and learn skills that were much more valuable than any I would learn in a classroom, there were no disadvantages.

Uni also wasn’t an option.

I hated the idea of getting into debt, many of the people I know that completed university are now in jobs that have nothing to do with their degree, and have a huge student loan to deal with.

My cousin originally told me aboutQA, she saidit was a really good website for apprenticeships. She knew that I was looking and together we sat down and went through a range of different opportunities, applying for a few that piquedmy interest.

When I had my first interview with QA, I had never had an interview before and was so nervous, I really wanted to make a good impression. They were lovely and helped me relax right away.

They could tell that I really wanted to get into anapprenticeships, and told me about an apprenticeship that had come up within QA itself. They asked if I would like to speak to the marketing team to know some more about the role, I agreed. I was feeling confident however that quickly turned into nerves as I realised I had to meet more new people and make a good impression. Nasheta, who interviewed me, realised and quickly calmed me down, offering to stay in the room to make me more comfortable.

Then I had my second interview, with the marketing team, they told me all about the role and honestly it really appealed to me, I would be doing a range of different things, andlearning so many new skills. Once it was over I was told that they would let me know by Tuesday the latest. However I got a call, 20 minutes after I got home, and they offered me the apprenticeship. I accepted without hesitation, I was honestly speechless. I was still at college at the time, so on the Monday I went to tell them I was dropping out. My teachers wished me luck, and two weeks later I started at QA, as the new engagement apprentice. I haven’t regretted my decision once since.

I think that anyone else who is feeling confused about their future and doesn’t know whether college, sixth form or even university is the best thing for them,I would tell them to seriously consider an apprenticeship!

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