I’m not being prepared for uni

University admissions officers have expressed concerns that students at school are not being prepared for uni.The annual admissions survey resulted in university admissions staff unanimously agreeing that t was vital that students arrive at university “ready to think and learn independently”. More than half of the respondents’ said that this ability was most often missing from students.What do you need to be prepared for?According to admissions officers, you ought to have a good understanding of the demands of the course that you choose to do at university, understanding which some 32% said was missing in students.Why do you need to be prepared for uni?Studying at university is very, very different from studying at school and some argue that the school exam system is simply not preparing you for the leap from secondary school to higher education.Independent thinking and learning – what is it?Quite simply, you need to be able to take control and responsibility for your own learning. This means not waiting to be told to read something or to develop your knowledge beyond handouts and presentations provided for you during taught sessions.It also means taking it upon yourself to find out about the course that you are going to do in detail…yes, for yourself! You shouldn’t expect university staff to hold your hand and guide you completely. Yes, they will support you, but they can’t learn for you.Do your teachers push you hard enough?Having your teachers push you isn’t about them pushing you over the edge. It’s more about them providing the right kind of environment for you to flourish and develop the skills of independent learning. It isn’t enough for teachers to provide this learning environment though; you also have to take the opportunity.Thinking about going to uni?So, if you are considering going to university, do your homework. Find out everything that you can about the course – right down to text books software that you will be expected to read, understand or master. This won’t just give you a head start, it will enable you to understand how to work independently, which will be a huge benefit to you, whether you end up going to uni or not.

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