Improve Your Prospects In 2017!

If you have returned to school or college after Christmas, you should be well back into the swing of things by now, but now that you are settled in again it might be a good time to think about where you are going next. You may have important exams coming up this year, so why not look back over your last term and see where you might be able to improve – rather than falling back into old habits!

Think about the things that you did well last term as well as the areas where you might want to do a bit better. Did you miss any deadlines or find that you were struggling to complete work in time? Were you on time to class each day, and have your grades been what you hoped for or expected so far?

Be honest with yourself and see if there are a few things you can do better this year. It may just be a small difference, or something that you can fix easily. For example, why not buy a diary so that you can keep yourself organised? You can plan both your study and your social life so that you don’t miss out on either – but the important thing is to actually use it! You should be able to get a diary quite cheaply now, but if you prefer you could use an app on your phone or some other digital device to plan your week. You might even prefer to use a wall planner, chart, or calendar to plan your time – whatever works for you! If you find it really tough to keep on top of your time management, then it might be worth seeing if you can get some help or advice from a teacher.

As the term marches on, you might also want to think about your next steps and what career you would like to pursue. There is plenty of advice in our blogs section about careers and next steps, but you could start by doing some research or extra reading to find out more about the sort of work you would like to do. Maybe you could research a company or profession online and see what you might need to land that dream job? You could even look to see if there is an apprenticeship available to get you into your chosen career.

There are other work-related skills that you might want to look into too – such as how to write a great C.V. or a winning covering letter. It may seem like the time to apply for work is a long way off, but it never hurts to be prepared. Plus, with employers complaining that young people lack workplace skills, it might be worth seeing what you can do to improve your employability.

Also, be sure to make use of any careers advice that you can get while at school or college – it is there to help you make the right choice and even that one small piece of advice could make all the difference. It never hurts to get some advice – it is up to you whether you follow it or not.

Even non-career related activities can help. You could, for example, want to join a sports club to get fit, meet some new friends and have a healthy distraction from your studies and any other stresses. If sport is not your thing, you might instead look for a club or society that you can join – either way these type of activities will help build traits like team-work, leadership, and communication.

Now that you have got the hang of your day-to-day studies it is time to see where you can improve and what else you can do to go a little further towards your next goal – whether that is work, an apprenticeship, or more study.

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